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Rack filler was developed for practical filling of the dressing, mayonnaise fillings, spreads, salad mayonnaise-based products and other products for example. yogurt, syrup, chocolate, jam and similar products used in the food industry. Machine will appreciate manufacturers  of Russian eggs, salad and the others which is still use impractical manual dose. Rack filler enables fill semi-liquid and pasty foods from weight of 50 g to weight 1000g.


  • power: 550 pieces per hour
  • electric energy consumption: 230 V/24 W
  • weight: 29 kg
  • pressure: 0,6 MPa
  • dimensions (w x d x h): 650x450x1450mm


Rack filler is made from stainless steel, designed for equipment food industry. Customers will appreciate simple design, ease of operating, especially the practical handling and variability when it is used in production.

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