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The machine is intended for sealing aluminum, plastic or paper lids for various kinds of plastic crucibles, blister and other plastics packaging. After packing food products are guaranteed their perfect closure to suit the strictest hygiene regulations and standards. For sealing of aluminum lids we used electrically heated head treated with thermostat and digital thermometer. We can seal 1000 and more pieces lids per hour.


  • power: 1000 pieces per hour
  • electric energy consumption: 230 V/1200 W
  • weight: 42 kg
  • air consumption: 100 l/h
  • pressure: 0,6 MPa
  • dimensions (w x d x h): 500x700x600mm


Glue machine is made from stainless steel  designed for devices from food industry. Customers will appreciate it has simple design, ease of operating, especially the practical handling and variability when it is used in production.

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