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This machine was designed and constructed for the practical production of specialty (Russian) eggs, where it is part manual labor and product manipulation replaced with automated work processes.  The whole process of the production of specialty eggs is much easier, manipulation space is almost minimal dosage of salad and mayonnaise is the maximum economic and most importantly is that the time required for the production will be reduced by half. Filling is controlled by a computer, which is set by the individual program functions.


  • power: 1600-2500 pieces per hour
  • electric energy consumption: 230 V/24 W
  • weight: 200 kg
  • air consumption: 350-500 l/h
  • pressure: 0,6 MPa
  • dimensions (w x d x h): 950x900x1700mm 


Automatic filling machine is made from stainless steel, designed for the food industry. Customers will appreciate its easy operation, practical handling and a choice of several work programs. The device is recommended for small and large cold factory.

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