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This device is intended for mix mayonnaise salads and meat mixtures. The advantage of the machine is fast, gentle and hygienic mixed product, where each part mixed salad remain unbroken. Automatic mixer machine made 250 liters of the product in 2 minutes. Emptying mode tanks, after mixing the product, is done by the wiper blade, which ensures automatic wipe tubs and tank remains clean.


  • power: 250l / 2min
  • electric energy consumption: 400 V/4 kW
  • weight: 480 kg
  • pressure: 0,6 MPa
  • dimensions (w x d x h): 2020x800x1680mm


The mixer machine is made for the needs of medium-sized and larger manufacturers salads and deli, where reliable substitute often used hand-mixing salads, which is difficult time-consuming and quality, but mainly hygiene at work.

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