The main activity of the company M.T. - Michal Trulík Company Ltd. and Midai Ltd. is the production of plastic crucible, cups, dishes and bowls. Michal Trulík company has been operating since 1996. In 2005 moved to the legal entity, M.T. - Michal Trulík, manufacturing and packaging gastronomic, Ltd. It was started production of blister packaging for technical packaging. Later it was transferred to porduction of packaging for the food industry. At the present we producing cups, trays and pots to the customer requirements  wishes. Customer can now choose from a wide range of packaging intended for food purpose. 

The company is also engaged in long-term development and manufacture of machinery and equipment intended for manufacturers  of salads, baguettes and other food products that are aligned with quality impotred technology from abroad. The company offers for customers especially the technological equipment:

  • cutters baguettes
  • table doses mayonnaise to baguettes
  • belt conveyours
  • stand filling salad
  • sealing machine for aluminium lids on crucible
  • fully automatic machine for filling and packaging of salad
  • mixers salad
  • technology in order

We manufacture of technological equipment according to customer requirements - on demand.

Our products have quality and design that makes our customers easy to decide. 

Together with sister company Midai Ltd. we successfully present our products for several years in Czech market too.

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